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Dynamic Waterjet Cutting

In addition to CNC turning, CNC milling, CAD/CAM services, and conventional machining, Precision Machine Works has used dynamic waterjet cutting technology at our South Carolina facility for more than 12 years. This state-of-the-art tool can quickly and accurately cut metals or other materials with a high velocity, high-pressure jet of water mixed with a garnet abrasive.

Waterjet Equipment

Flow International
      8” max thickness x 72” max width x 180” max length

Cost Effective Technology

With waterjet cutting, we can cut and shape materials that are sensitive to high heat often generated by other methods without deforming the material. The on-site dynamic waterjet technology not only allows Precision Machine Works to service those customers requiring 2D components cut from plate, it also allows us to reduce machine time on more complicated parts by “rough cutting” blank prior to machining. This capability can greatly reduce machine time and costs. Furthermore, for customers specifying plate material, our dynamic water jet enables us to do our own cutting, also reducing material costs.

Superior Versatility

Our Flow dynamic waterjet is capable of cutting and shaping stainless steel, carbon, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, tool steel, Inconel, and other metals. Precision Machine Works can also cut Lexan, phenolics, gasket material, marble, rubber, and more. Because of the flexibility of waterjet cutting, our machinery is capable of achieving great detail and can create complex 2D shapes.

Environmentally Sensitive

Our dynamic waterjet technology is also considered green technology, producing no hazardous waste and using very little water, which is recycled for more than one job. The use of waterjet cutting also eliminates smoke, dust particles, fumes, and contaminants typically generated from cutting certain materials.

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