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In addition to CAD/CAM capability and machine production services, Precision Machine Works performs CMM inspection on each project at our South Carolina facility to ensure that it meets the highest industrial quality standards. Whether you are in pharmaceuticals or aerospace, the performance of your parts depends on quality production and Precision Machine Works’ in-house inspection department measures and ensures that quality.

Inspection Equipment

Zeiss Contura Automatic CMM 

      X-40.0”  Y-32.0”  Z-18.0”
      Tolerance: +/- .0001 (closer upon request)

Brown and Sharpe ONE 775 CMM's 

      X-27.5”  Y-27.5”  Z-19.5”
      Tolerance: +/- .0001 (closer upon request)

Comprehensive CMM Inspection

Our team of inspectors performs CMM inspection on all products using accurate and leading-edge equipment. All of our equipment, including our Zeiss CMM inspection equipment, is calibrated per AS9100(c) requirements by certified technicians.

Reliable Quality & Accuracy

The quality and accuracy of our products is of the utmost importance to Precision Machine Works and we have invested in the right tools for CMM quality inspection to verify that our customers are receiving superb work—every time. Our Zeiss CMM inspection allows Precision Machine Works to quickly scan a product, view measurement results, and determine if any process changes are required, increasing quality and reducing the number of rejected parts.

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