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CAD/CAM Services

Precision Machine Works has not only invested in cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality components in its 35,000 square foot South Carolina facility, we also possess the most up-to-date CAD/CAM software to translate your design and engineering plans into a solid, finished product.

CAD/CAM Software

     Espirit / DP Technology

     SolidWorks / AutoCad - Mechanical Desktop

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our seasoned team of technologists employs current CAD/CAM software and technology to meticulously guide your project to precise production. In addition, because Precision Machine Works is a member of the SolidWorks Manufacturing Network, you can be confident in our ability to quickly and accurately complete your project according to the engineering specifications outlined in your design documents.

Versatile Capabilities

With more than 50 years experience serving diverse clients in the fiberglass, pharmaceutical, defense, and firearms industries, Precision Machine Works can meet the most demanding customer requirements. Whether you need a prototype or a complex, mass production run, our team will work to ensure that our CAD/CAM software communicates the material, process, dimension, and tolerance requirements seamlessly with our leading-edge production machinery to exactly create your desired 2D or 3D design.

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Contact Precision Machine Works today to request a quote and to find out how the skilled team at our South Carolina facility can use CAD/CAM software technology to precisely implement your design and engineering documents into high-quality finished products.